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Attend a Meeting on Gut Health

If you were recently diagnosed with IBD, or you are having a particularly difficult time coping with the symptoms, you may feel the need to talk to someone directly. Through an arrangement with Pathways Health Crisis Resource Center, individuals in the greater Minneapolis – St. Paul area can schedule time to meet with Finn in person at their clinic to discuss holistic approaches to healing.

To request a meeting in person, please fill out the form on the Schedule a Call With Us page, and specify in the box provided that you would prefer to meet at Pathways. For more information on Pathways, please visit www.pathwaysminneapolis.org.


About Pathways

Pathways has generously provided us with the use of their facility for a limited number of IBD-focused meetings. If you feel that you would benefit from a small group setting or even a one-on-one discussion, please indicate this when you contact us. Finn will use the opportunity to speak with you about how diet and complementary medicine can be valuable tools to achieving overall gut health and wellness.


Pathways’ mission is to provide resources and services for people with life threatening illness to explore and experience complementary healing approaches.

How we serve, Who we serve

Pathways serves individuals who seek healing for body, mind and spirit. A nonprofit organization created in 1988, we offer complementary healing services designed specifically for people affected by health crisis. Pathways provides a safe, warm, creative, and nurturing environment in which participants can examine the possibilities of healing through means other than conventional Western medical treatment.

Our organization was founded by people whose own health crisis provided an opportunity to discover new ways of thinking about and dealing with illness. Pathways believes that everyone should have access to complementary healing methods; everyone should have the help they need to become active participants in their own healing. Pathways’ healing services are staffed with volunteer providers who help participants create their own healing journeys and improve their quality of life by exploring a wide range of healing approaches for the mind, the body, and the spirit.

Pathways offers:
8,000+ visits per year
1,500+ one-to-one healing sessions each year
5,000 hours of services to participants, all at no charge