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How We Help Patients

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Research Tools

The Food Rx Project assists patients with medical research by aggregating information on various dietary and holistic approaches to treating inflammatory bowel disease (IBD). By reading the summary reports, evaluating our take on the science, and following the links on the website, an individual can explore what therapies might be appropriate for their disease and condition.

Speak with a Volunteer

Additionally, we provide patients with the opportunity to talk with our representatives on the phone about the various treatments, and to request additional research assistance, if desired. These calls allow patients to learn about the benefits and challenges of a particular therapy first-hand from a knowledgeable volunteer.

Blog Community

We also operate I Am Integrative, a blogosphere community in which members can discuss current topics relating to disease treatment, submit their favorite food recipes, and pose questions to which the larger community can respond. The blog is updated regularly to include commentary on diet’s evolving role in treating IBD, as well as the latest medical research and clinical studies as they become available.

Research and Advocacy

As a member of the IBD community, we also engage in patient advocacy causes. Our organization continues to push for more research in the area of diet’s important role in treating IBD. Likewise, we search for opportunities to work with other nonprofits to sponsor studies into the efficacy of holistic therapies.

We hold the position that to truly improve our health care system we must find ways to better incorporate the evidence-based elements of nutritional programs, complementary therapies, and wellness programs. Therefore, we will support causes that increase the adoption of integrative medicine, advance the science of the field, and promote awareness about the benefits of holistic treatments.